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About Infallible

Hello all, and welcome to Infallible’s updated guild site!

Infallible is a Horde guild on US server Cho’gall. We are a friendly and laid back group who aim to have fun while raiding. With that said, we do take content seriously when it counts.

Our current raid group is 7/7 Normal and 5/7 Heroic in Highmaul, and we are progressing quickly. We are moving into Mythic Raiding in January after the holidays. Our raid group is currently comprised of returning raiders from MoP and quite a few new faces as well. We are in need of more competent raiders that can make our raids on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10pm server time. Our ending times are not quite set since we can be flexible with raid composition right now with the way normal and heroic work. Once we have our set roster for Mythic, we will determine the ending times for both days which will likely be between 12:30am and 2am server time. Please see our recruitment post for current class/spec needs.

If you are already a member of Infallible, please sign up with the site in order to claim your characters and use the features available to us. I urge you to use a different email account than your blizzard account uses in order to avoid any account security issues that may arise.

Also, keep in mind that the site is still a work in progress, there is plenty more to come. Our site admins have limited experience with websites, so we are open to feedback, good or bad. I think this site can be a great place for us to communicate online when we are not in-game, plus we could always use a place to post pics of Bob dying to tigers on normal Kargath.

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